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November 24, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!! On episode 5 of Bullish with Toro, I interview entrepreneur, project and product manager, fitness fan, and world traveller... Me! (@torocomm)✨


This episode has a twist... since it’s just me on the mic, I asked some of y’all to AMA (ask me anything)! I get into my love of travel, balancing work and life. Hear why I got kicked out of boarding school, my thoughts on open relationships, my start up Glancy, and more! 👩🏾‍💼🌎💪🏾


Bullish is being hopeful or confident that something or someone will be successful: optimistic about the future of something or someone.  So let’s get Bullish for Toro!   


Instagram: @bullishwithtoro

Toro/Guest: @torocomm / @glancy

You can check out and download my start up at glancy.io!

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